Dünya standartlarındaüretim teknolojisi ve ürün çeşitliliği ile sektörün lokomatifi TKS KAPI...
TKS Door guarantees customer satisfaction due to its advanced machine park and experienced team..
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'Doors to the happiness'
Our Goal : To become world’s manufacturer of MDF Door and wooden coating...

We keep moving forward in business life with sure steps since 1999.

TKS KAPI which is one of our investment in the construction sector, gives high attention to quality and customer satisfaction, and continues to introduce services with monthly capacity of 3.000 interior doors and 1.000 steel doors in Aksaray Organized Industry Zone, established on 5.000m2 field. 

We guarantee customer satisfaction due to our advanced machine park and experienced team.

The most suitable design for you and your project is prepared by our technical staff.

Choosing us for one time will stand our ground in your minds. 

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Our work on R&D continues efficiently, and according to the frame of world standards...


Each of our finished products contains innovation as a feature...


Since the day we begin as TKS Door, we apply a production plan mixed with technology...

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